Food Services

A Bag Lunch for each Competitor will be complimentary on those days the Competitor is actually entered in that day’s competition.  Breakfast and Dinner for all, and Lunch for non-competitors, or for regatta competitors who are not entered in the particular event sailing that day, will be available at reasonable prices.  The following vendors will be on site each day to provide various meal options:

  • DooWilly Concessions will be our anchor for every meal available on the event grounds. They will have available for purchase every day, starting Saturday July 17th until the end of the day on Saturday July 24th. They will serve a hot breakfast including but not limited to Danish, Cinnamon Rolls, an array of Eggs, Sausage, Scrapple, and Bacon Biscuits. For Lunch and Dinner they will have Hot Dog, Hamburgers, Fries, Steak Subs, chicken subs, Nachos and Wraps. It is worth the trip to check them out!
    • DoWilly’s will be open daily from 7:30am until the end of the event day
    • Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks
  • Terry’s Ice Cream will be at the event each day with a Vendor van which will be located next to DooWilly’s and a cart that will be located under the pine trees near the ramp at Deltaville Boat yard. They will be selling an array of your favorite frozen treats to cool you down during the hot week.
    • Open daily from 10am until the end of the event day
    • 2 Locations: under the tent, and under the pine trees near the Opti field
  • Bellas Pizza will be on site for Saturday the 17th, Sunday the 18th, Tuesday and Thursday. They will be selling Pizza by the slice, place your orders mid-day or the day prior and they will cook them up at the local Pizza joint and bring them to the site. They are located on General Puller Highway approximately 2 miles away. If you would like to take a whole pie home visit them and place an order.
    • On site Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th, Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd
    • Dinner Only
  • James Wilson BBQ will have his tables set up and selling fresh made and cooked BBQ. He will be on site Saturday the 17th, Sunday the 18th and the following weekend on Friday and Saturday for Dinner only. He will be selling heavenly southern BBQ served on buns with sides of slaw a real treat to grab and go
    • On site Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th, Friday 23, and Saturday 24th
    • Dinner Only
  • J&W Seafood will be joining the Concessionaires on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for dinner only. They will be selling fresh cooked seafood, a tradition of Deltaville and of the watermen. They are located on General Puller Highway just past the Exxon station. A fantastic place to stop in and order seafood to take home after the regatta
    • On site Monday 19th, Wednesday 21st and Friday 23rd
    • Dinner Only

All of the food Vendors will be selling cold beverages and accompanying sides to your meal stop in and check them all out!

The competitor’s dinners on Monday, July 19 will be provided by DELTAVILLE TOWN & COUNTRY “DELTAVILLE MARKET”. On Tuesday, July 20, dinner will be provided by THE GALLEY RESTAURANT.

Each registration package will contain the full menu provided by our vendors and bracelets or other registration indicia for complimentary lunches.  The vendors are on site to serve all of our guests in Deltaville.

Interested in becoming a food service vendor?  Email us at