2010 USODA Layline National Championships Crowns Champion Junior Sailors

July 24, 2010 7:03 pm

July 24, 2010 (Deltaville, VA) – Since July 17, some of America’s best junior sailors, and several international sailors, have gathered in Deltaville to compete for the title of National Champion. Fishing Bay Yacht Club has been the host yacht club for the 315 sailors, their coaches, and their families. The championship regatta included Team Race Nationals, Girls Nationals, and Open Fleet Nationals. The event has been quite successful, with only a few postponements due to light air. It has been a great opportunity for young sailors to challenge themselves by competing against the very best. Open Fleet Nationals also gave new competitors some valuable experience by setting up a separate course, complete with experienced coaches, for the Green Fleet.

Team Race Nationals (July 16-19) – Team Racing consisted of 24 teams who competed in a Swiss League format, which set teams of four against each other on a short, tight course. The sailors completed 108 races over a course of three days. The format resulted in two divisions, with Gold being the top level and Silver the second. Going into the last race, LISOT Blue led Lauderdale YC 4 by 3 points. But the race, which counted 6 points was won by Lauderdale YC 4. As a result, first place in the Gold division went to the Lauderdale YC 4 Team, made up of Wade Waddell, Liza Toppa, Alie Toppa, Christopher Williford, and Duncan Williford. The LISOT Blue Team of Alexandra DelBello, Reiner Eenkema van Dijk, Drew Gallagher, Ty Ingram, and Harry Koeppel finished in 2nd place. In 3rd place were Andy Widmeier, Justine O’Connor, Ben Kern, Ian MacDiarmid, Nic Muller, and Wiley Rogers on Team M One. The LISOT Black Team, made up of Jared Gaynes, Matthew Kaplan, Will Logue, Jack Parkin, and Sean Walsh, came in 4th place.

In the Silver division, the LISOT Red Team of Matt Logue, Florian Eenkema van Dijk, Henry Fernberger, Travis Bobley, and Russell Clarida took 1st place Benton Cove Racing Team members Tyler Fleig, Noah Kelleher, Cameron Grubb, and Olivier Grubb finished in 2nd place. The Gnarly Red team, made up of KB Knapp, Peter Sterflinger, Ceci Wollmann, Chrissie Klinger, and Jack Budhill finished 3rd. The Loot Silver Team of Alec Chicoine, Joey Diamond, Mehvish Khan, Alyson Turner, and Amy-Katherine Turner came in 4th place.

Girls Nationals (July 20) – In this part of the event, 80 very talented girl sailors competed in three races on a 1.5-mile trapezoid course. Haddon Hughes of Houston Yacht Club came in 1st place, winning the girl champion title. She was followed by Eliot Caple of Naples Sailing Center in 2nd place and KB Knapp of Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club in 3rd. Martina Sly of Coral Reef Yacht Club finished in 4th place. After the day’s racing, the girls and the other competitors got to meet Anna Tunnicliffe, 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winner, 2-time Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year and 2009 World Sailor of the Year. She gave them some valuable sailing advice and signed autographs. She also posed for photos with the girls, who got to wear her gold medal. The young sailors really enjoyed meeting Anna and asking questions about how she achieved so much in their sport.

Open Fleet Nationals (July 21-24) – For the open fleet, Day 1 and Day 2 were scheduled for qualifying races that placed the sailors into Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Pearl Fleets. This format allowed the top sailors to compete against those with similar abilities. Day 2 did not have enough wind to race, so the qualifying races only actually took place on Day 1. On Day 3, the four fleets each got in 2 races. They completed 3 races on the fourth and final day of the regatta. In Gold Fleet, Nic Muller of US Sailing Center of Martin Co. came in 1st place. Richard Schuurmans of Houston Yacht Club came in 2nd place and Harry Koeppel of Larchmont Yacht Club finished in 3rd place. In 4th place was Eliot Caple of Naples Sailing Center. Girls overall winners were Eliot Caple of Naples Sailing Center in 1st place, Haddon Hughes from Houston Yacht Club in 2nd and Alexandra DelBello of American Yacht Club

In Silver, Alie Toppa of Lauderdale Yacht Club finished in first. She was followed by Ford McCann of Texas Corinthian Yacht Club in 2nd, Audrey Giblin of Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club in 3rd, and Federico Jover of Uruguay in 4th. In Bronze, Jed Londrey of Fishing Bay Yacht Club won 1st place. Sophie Sole of Houston Yacht Club came in 3rd, Jensen Mctighe of Lauderdale Yacht Club came in 4th, and Matt Logue of Riverside Yacht Club finished in 4th. In Pearl Fleet, Gantt Shiflet of Davis Island Yacht Club finished in 1st place. Jillian Ticatch of Houston Yacht Club came in 2nd, Thad Hutcheson of Texas Corinthian Yacht Club came in 3rd, and Stephen Streater of Norfolk Yacht Club came in 4th.

View results, photos, video and more now on at the event website http://optinationals2010.org

About Fishing Bay Yacht Club
Fishing Bay Yacht Club is a private non-profit sailing club located in Deltaville Virginia, on scenic Fishing Bay in the mouth of the Piankatank River. FBYC promotes the art of sailing through Junior, One Design, and Offshore Racing and Cruising. FBYC could not present an event of this magnitude without the support of the USODA Partners (including Name Partner Layline) its Local Hosts Deltaville Maritime Museum, Deltaville Boatyard, Jackson Creek Condos, Harbor House Community, Norton Yachts, Chesapeake Yacht Sales, and Christchurch School, along with generous contributions from numerous sponsors listed on the event website at http://optinationals2010.org, a state of the art site replete with more information about the event. For more information on FBYC, please visit www.fbyc.net

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