Team Race Final Day Recap

July 19, 2010 6:25 pm
Lauderdale YC 4 Team Race National Champions

Team Race National Champions: Lauderdale YC 4

The USODA Team Race Nationals got off to another early start on day 3.  Racing began at 0930 to take advantage of the predicted winds and to give the sailors the best chance of getting in the entire round before our cut off time in the afternoon.

The wind was out of the south, south-west at 13-18 knots.  It was mostly cloudy in the morning and clearing around noon.  A few rain clouds passed through the race course, but never dumped a significant amount of rain.

Following the 2nd round, the teams were re-grouped into Gold and Silver divisions with the top teams put into the gold division and the bottom half in the silver.  The teams in the Alpha group, LISOT Blue, Lauderdale YC 4, ISV 1, and LOOT gold had the best chance of winning the championship.

Race Day 3 downwindThe first 24 races of the 36-race round were close and competitive with teams jostling for position during each race.  At that point LISOT Blue and Lauderdale YC 4 were only separated by 3 points.  Whichever team won the final race worth 6 points would take the championship.

The race between these two teams was made the final race of the day so that other teams and the coaches could come closer to the course to watch.  Most of the action happened after the first beat.  It was the 3rd and final legs where most of the changes in position occurred.  Each team used an impressive level of teamwork to force its competition into unfavorable positions.

Team Race Silver Fleet National Champions

Silver Fleet Team Race National Champions

The Lauderdale YC 4 Team finished with positions 2-3-4-5 to secure the championship.  The team was comprised of Wade Waddell, Liza Toppa, Alie Toppa, Christopher Williford and Duncan Williford.  The LISOT Blue Team of Alexandra DelBello, Reiner Eenkema van Dijk, Drew Gallagher, Ty Ingram and Harry Koeppel finished 2nd.  In 3rd were Andy Widmeier, Justine O’Connor, Ben Kern, Ian MacDiarmid, Nic Muller, and Wiley Rogers on Team M One.

In the silver division, the LISOT Red Team of Matt Logue, Florian Eenkema van Dijk, Henry Fernberger, Travis Bobley and Russell Clarida took 1st place. Benton Cove Racing Team members Tyler Fleig, Noah Kelleher, Cameron Grubb, and Olivier Grubb finished 2nd. The Gnarly Red team, made up of KB Knapp, Peter Sterflinger, Ceci Wollmann, Chrissie Klinger, and Jack Budhill finished 3rd.

The sailors concluded the day with a dinner followed by awards.  Our PRO Jim Walsh, Chief Umpire Chris Petracco and all the volunteers and judges who helped them did a fantastic job getting courses set and races run.  Tomorrow the USODA Layline Nationals continues with the Girls National Championship.

Results of today’s racing can be found here.  The video of the championship race is posted on Sailgroove.  Photos and all other information about the USODA Layline Nationals can be found on the event website

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