Deltaville Maritime Museum

July 8, 2010 11:26 am

Deltaville Maritime Museum SignMany of you have probably noticed the Deltaville Maritime Museum’s role as a host for this year’s USODA Layline Nationals. The museum has been critical in making it possible for FBYC to serve as the host yacht club by generously allowing the event the use of its spacious 30 acres, which will provide space for parking, award ceremonies, access to the water, and more.

Opened in 2003, the Deltaville Maritime Museum aims to preserve Deltaville’s heritage, especially regarding its role as the “Capital of Chesapeake Bay Boatbuilding”. In addition to providing information about boatbuilding and its historical importance in the area, the museum and its many volunteers have a tradition of hands-on involvement.

ShallopIn 2006, the museum, the adjacent Holly Point Nature Park, and the Deltaville Community Association joined forces to build a working replica of the boat used by John Smith to explore the region. Volunteers from the museum were also essential in the restoration of the F.D. Crockett, a log-bottom buyboat built in 1924. The work took over four years, finishing in 2009, and the boat is kept at the museum’s dock. Volunteers used the space at Chesapeake Marine Railway to work through the winters, and that is where the engine, mast, and pilot house were reattached. If you are interested in historic boats, you might want to visit the museum’s library after checking out John Smith’s shallop and the Crockett.

Every summer, the museum serves as a fun place for the community to gather for family activities. The annual Family Boatbuilding Week and the Holly Point Art and Seafood Festival are popular events that contribute to the fun summer atmosphere of Deltaville. From May until September, a Farmer’s Market is held each month where one can find fresh produce as well as an array of products like jewelry and household decorations. The next market date falls on July 24, the fourth Saturday of the month, and it will be a good chance for visiting sailors to experience a Deltaville tradition.

Also to be enjoyed at the museum grounds are the various gardens and wildlife that attract visitors of all ages. Parents and grandparents will enjoy taking the kids to the Children’s Garden, and those looking for a relaxing experience will find peaceful and shady walking areas. Be sure to stop by “Bubba”, the fish-shaped meadow. During the Optimist Nationals, the families of the sailors will be able to park right by Bubba, and the gardens should provide a welcome respite after a long day on the water. The event tents will also be located in the fields near the museum.

Fishing Bay Yacht Club is grateful for the assistance of the Deltaville Maritime Museum in hosting this exciting event. The museum offers something for everyone, from the bird-watcher to the avid boatbuilder, and we encourage our visiting sailors to take a moment to explore its grounds.

Deltaville Maritime Museum photo by The Sarvers.  Used with permission.

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