Registration Tutorial

June 22, 2010 7:59 am

This tutorial describes how to register for the 2010 USODA Layline Nationals.  These same instructions can be used to register for the Girls Nationals, Team Nationals or any other USODA Event.

1) Go to the USODA home page.

2) If you are a USODA Member, click the members only homepage

2a) If you are not a USODA Member, click the link to Join USODA before continuing on to step 3.

2b) Non-US sailors must be members of their National Authority and can gain access to the USODA registration sytstem by contacting the USODA Executive Director via

3) Enter your credentials in the log in screen.

4) Click the ‘Regattas’ link at the top of the page

5) Click ‘Event Registration’

6) Scroll to find the event to register for

7) Click the ‘Register’ button

8 ) Add any comments and click ‘Ok’.  Follow further instructions to pay and continue from there.


Click ‘Play’ to watch a short video of the registration process.

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